This is a flash fiction I wrote, it’s called September 

She let her gaze fall across the Brooklyn Bridge and frowned as the clouds rolled over the cables and obscured the towering skyscrapers of the Manhattan skyline. She pulled her coat closer to her body and yanked her hood over her head. Rains in New York often came unannounced, dropping onto the city in a sudden downpour, particularly in the heated, musty months of summer. At least this time, the rain would come after a warning and she’d be fully prepared.
Three months after she moved to the city, Kate was still bewildered by it. Maybe it was her strange timing, coming to live here a mere two months after the world shattered into pieces. She heard once that everything happened in September, whether good or bad, endings and beginnings always came with the fall. Watching the towers crash and burn on television was like the coming of the end, the apocalypse in real-time.
Everyone thought she was crazy. Packing her bags, leaving everything behind, to go and live in a city under siege. When the glittering lights shut off, and the streets emptied, and plumes of black smoke choked the night sky, she wanted to be there. Call it a death wish, an impulse for self-destruction, a mental illness, whatever it was, Kate had to live it, experience it, rather than watch it on a screen. If death was her fate, then she would face it head on, than cower from it. What good she could do in the short time she had to live, she would do it all, and on her own terms. And she knew in the depths of her heart, that in this troubled city, in this despairing time, she had found a new home.


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