Black Holes

Mowing through food like its nothing
Sucking in everything that comes into its path
Its gaping maw swallows you whole
And there’s no escape
Toxic, cancerous, destructive
A repellant force
You can’t fight against
You can’t stop it
You stand there helpless
As it slowly drains your energy
Kills you from the inside out
Sucks your life force
And then
In the end
It swallows your rotting carcass whole


The Movies

Take me to the movies
Where we’ll have loads of fun
Forget about our daily lives
And get swept up into stories
Worlds we’ll never know
People we’d like to meet
On the screen
Our other selves sit back and watch
While our alternate lives play out before us
And when it is over
When the credits roll
And we stand up from our seats
We have smiles on our faces


Impossible standards you can’t reach
Ambition greater than talent
Envy is the fuel of the artist
And the sign of the downward spiral
What do you do when it’s never enough
When fear of failure blends in with fear of success
And binds you into struggling inertia
To the point you’re so consumed
With your own paranoia
You’re stuck without motion
And nothing is finished
Nothing is achieved